Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Last time I wrote, it was Monday, Memorial Day, and I cooked lobster for dinner.  Today, it is a rainy Sunday, but we will have two more lobsters (of course, they are a bit more golden).  Last week in South Freeport, we paid $6.99 per pound for new shell lobsters.  Today, at McLaughlin’s in Bangor, we again bought 1.5 lb. lobsters, but they were $9.99 per pound (not new shell).  I plan to cook them inside since it is still raining.  Marilyn says I am not allowed to let the water boil over.

On the afternoon of the 30th, we decided we had to go to downtown Freeport to walk around for some exercise.  I had to include a picture of the front of LL Bean (the store got its original start making boots to keep a hunter’s feet dry, or something like that).2012-05-30 IMG_0653

Then there were just the unusual store signs.2012-05-30 IMG_06552012-05-30 IMG_0656

On Thursday, the 31st, we left Freeport, and drove to Hermon, Maine (just a little west of Bangor).  We are staying in the Pumpkin Patch RV Resort.  It is both a Passport America Park, and an Escapees Park.  We got five nights PA at $17 per night, and 2 nights at $29 using our Escapees discount.  It really is a very nice park, and we have very good 50 amp service so we can run both heat pumps and still use the micro. 

I have been trying to decide if my sinuses are acting up due to allergies, or as Marilyn says, I have a cold.  I tried Xertec, etc., but they really did not work.  Yesterday we stopped at Wally World and bought their version of Dayquill and Niquill.  They work.  I am feeling much better.  After stopping at WM yesterday, we continued on to Acadia National Park.2012-06-02 DSC04707  We drove the loop road, where we say this seagull sitting on a car.  He did not move until they drove off.2012-06-02 DSC01761  We saw Egg Rock Lighthouse.  2012-06-003  Then it was on to the Thunder Hole.  The waves come in and trap air in a hole in the rock causing a thundering sound.2012-06-02 DSC017632012-06-02 DSC01766  Finally, we drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain where it was 54 degrees and windy, but we could see Bar Harbor 1500 feet below, along with a beautiful view of the coast.2012-06-02 DSC047132012-06-02 DSC047142012-06-02 DSC04715

We listened to the rain all night, and then it has rained all day today.  Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same.  We have stayed in the house except for going out to breakfast and then this afternoon we went out for Lobsters to cook.  Here they are waiting for the pot, then in the water, and then the aftermath.IMG_0665IMG_0666IMG_0667

Type at you later.

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