Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Canada Day 5, 06/12/2012

Today turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, even if it was a bit cool with a high in the mid-60s.  We drove back in to St John, NB again today.2012-06-12 DSC04763  We started at the Reversing Falls visitor center, where the reversal of the tide over rapids looks like a reversal of a water falls.  We looked at the water flowing over the rocks.2012-06-12 DSC047512012-06-12 DSC047542012-06-12 DSC04755  Then we walked the St John Harbor Walk to Market Square, a little over 2 miles each way.  Across the harbor, near Market Square was a Carnival Cruise Ship.  2012-06-12 DSC04758  Along the way, we passed Her Majesty’s Coastal Service.  The sign said No Trespassing, and I wondered if this cannon was punishment for same.2012-06-12 DSC047592012-06-12 DSC04760  When we walked back to the Reversing Falls, there wasn’t near the amount of water flowing over the rocks.  Of course it was very close to low tide.  2012-06-12 DSC04764  Next we drove up to the Carleton Martello Tower.  It is a fortification used by the British all over the world, and this one was finished just after the War of 1812.  Troops were last stationed here during WWII to direct artillery fire if enemy ships had come into St John Harbor.2012-06-12 DSC047672012-06-12 DSC04768

St John has been always been a busy port with cargoes of lumber, petroleum, people, etc.  Of course there are lighthouses to see.  2012-06-013

Then it was time to drive the 30+ miles back to St Martins after a stop at the grocery store.

Type at you later.

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