Sunday, June 10, 2012

Canada, 2012-06-08–Friday, 09-Saturday, &10-Sunday

Friday, June 8, 2012.  We crossed in to Canada from Calais, ME via the commercial truck route off US-1 onto CA-1.  It was an uneventful crossing, we just had to answer a few questions, and show him our passports.  We forgot to take a picture of the Customs and Immigration check at the border. But Marilyn did get a picture of a Welcome to New Brunswick sign.DSC01767  Today’s total drive was about 119 miles to St. Martins, NB at Century Farm Family Campground.  It is a beautiful campground, and we are parked right on the Bay of Fundy.IMG_0669IMG_0670  What more could you want with a picture like this one through the windshield.

Saturday, June 9, 2012.  We had a wonderful day trip in the Jeep to St John, NB.  We parked near the Market Square, where we stopped at the Museum of New Brunswick to get directions to a bank that was open on Saturday.  Along the way, we stopped at an information booth for directions finding out that TD Bank was open, and they exchanged US$250 USD for C$249 plus change – a better conversion rate than we had last year going to Alaska when we only received C$185 for US$200.  Barbour’s General Store is a transplanted reconstructed store from the late 1800s.DSC01771  Marilyn found some tea she wanted, and we took pictures of these wonderful wooden sculptures outside of the store.  The gentleman in green has three hands – 2 in front, and one behind his back.DSC01772  We then went back to Market Square for lunch – didn’t see anything we wanted at the City Market.  Both places are nice as they are connected by Skywalks.  After lunch we went to the Museum of New Brunswick, enjoying the many exhibits.  Outside of Market Square are three lighthouses – two fakes, and one working light for the harbor.DSC01773DSC01774DSC01781  The middle one is a working light.

Here is another cute sculpture in front of the Market Square.DSC01783

Wednesday, I called Verizon to have them set up my phone for international calling while we are in Canada.  It was supposed to start on Friday.  Tonight I have called twice to find out why it was not set up.  They said it was set up for our daughter’s phone instead of mine, but was ok now.  All I had to do was shut off my phone for 1 minute, then after restarting, dial *228, option 2.  It did not work from Canada.  It was not until the 3rd call that a young lady said that since we were already in Canada we could not update our phone.  She did say that since we were not told to upgrade the phone before we left the states, she would put a note in the file to reverse any charges that result.  Hopefully it will work.

Sunday at 11:30 we walked down to the beach to take pictures at low tide (about 25 feet).  Here is the motorhome from the beach, with a turn around to take a picture of Marilyn at water’s edge.  That is Marilyn at the water’s edge.DSC04723DSC04725DSC04727DSC04728

This is a distant picture of the harbor.DSC04716

This afternoon, we walked into St Martins to get a picture of the covered bridge (still in use) and a couple of lobsters for dinner.  These two lobsters were about 3 lbs, at C$5.50 or a total of C$17.00IMG_0684IMG_0685

Then, about 5:30, Marilyn and I walked back out to the beach to get pictures at high tide.DSC04729DSC04731

Type at you later.

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