Saturday, June 30, 2012

Canada Days 22 & 23, June 28 & 29, 2012

On Thursday, the 28th of June we drove the Jeep to Yarmouth, NS to sightsee.  On the way in, we stopped at the following lighthouses:  Cape St Mary Light Station2012-06-28 DSC04948 Cape St Mary Lightstation2012-06-029

Bunker Island Light2012-06-0302012-06-034

And Cape Forchu Lighthouse2012-06-0312012-06-0322012-06-033

After lunch at a little Italian place where I had fish & chips, and Marilyn had a scallop burger, we went to the Yarmouth County Museum.  It is in a very unusual location, since it is housed in an old church.  2012-06-28 DSC04963  As part of the cost of our admission to the Yarmouth County Museum, we were able to tour the Pelton-Fuller house.  This was there summer home where they escaped from Connecticut.  Mr. Fuller started the Fuller Brush Company for those of you who are old enough to remember the door to door Fuller Brush salesman.IMG_0711IMG_0712 

Friday, the 29th’s sightseeing also started out with a stop at Fort Anne in Annapolis Royal, NS (both of which were named after Queen Anne.  Fort Anne is a National Historic Site that was built by the French along with 3 other previous forts in the 1630s.  It was French first, then English, then French, and finally British in 1710.  The earthen works are still in place, but most of the buildings are gone other than the officers quarters and a powder magazine.   2012-06-29 DSC04968 Fort Anne2012-06-29 DSC04969 Fort Anne  Then we drove across the river to spend some time at Port Royal.  In 1604, explorer Samuel de Champlain named the harbor, and in 1605, a group of French men established L’Habitation, a settlement without women because it was a fur trading outpost.  The settlement was destroyed in 1613 by an English raiding party from Virginia.  Then in 1938/39 the settlement was re-created.  They have a docent to explain the history of the settlement, and describe life there. The settlement is a group of buildings linked together to form a square for defense.  2012-06-29 DSC01861 Port Royal2012-06-29 DSC01862 Port Royal2012-06-29 DSC01864 Port Royal2012-06-29 DSC01865 Port Royal

of course the day wasn’t complete without stops at three lighthouses.  The first is Annapolis Royal Light located in downtown Annapolis Royal.  2012-06-030

Next is Schafner’s Point Lighthouse.  2012-06-033  And finally, we stopped at Gilbert’s Cove Lighthouse on the way home.  2012-06-032

Type at you later.

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