Thursday, June 14, 2012

Canada Day 7, 06-14-2012

This is our last day in St Martins, NB, and we have done about all of the tourist things we can do in this area.  There was still one more covered bridge we had to see, so that is where we started after lunch.  There was one stop on the way that I had to make.  We have been seeing all of the signs for Moose at Attention, but have been unable to find what they are saluting.  2012-06-14 DSC04776

This covered bridge is Tynemouth Creek Bridge erected in 1927. 2012-06-14 DSC047792012-06-14 DSC047802012-06-14 DSC04782

We had been taking pictures of this Quaco Lighthouse from far away, so we decided to get some close-ups.  2012-06-14 DSC047832012-06-14 DSC047852012-06-14 DSC04786

These buttercups near the lighthouse looked pretty.  2012-06-14 DSC04784

Finally, we bought another live lobster.  I went ahead and cooked him so we can eat it cold tomorrow night.  2012-06-14 DSC047882012-06-14 DSC04789

Type at you later.

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