Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Canada Day 6, 2012-06-13

Marilyn did cleaning the motorhome chores all morning, then about 12:30 we drove to downtown St Martins to eat at the Caves Restaurant and World Famous Chowder House.  We each tried their fish chowder, which was good.  We also had fish and chips (mine was 2 pieces, and Marilyn’s was 1 piece).  Cost was C$36 after a 10% discount.  The fish and chips were delicious, but we should have shared a single meal, because we did not eat all of the chips, and I brought home one fish fillet for lunch tomorrow (probably Marilyn”s).2012-06-13 DSC01817

Lunch had been timed to low tide so we could walk out across the ocean floor to the caves carved out of sandstone by the tides.  Here are some views of the rocky beach at low tide, the caves, and the restaurant and campground from the caves.2012-06-13 DSC017932012-06-13 DSC017952012-06-13 DSC017962012-06-13 DSC017972012-06-13 DSC018062012-06-13 DSC01807

After leaving the caves, we decided to take pictures of the twin covered bridges, and the fake lighthouse near the caves in St Martins.2012-06-13 DSC018192012-06-13 DSC01825

The boats are back on land since it is low tide.2012-06-13 DSC018212012-06-13 DSC01822

In the gift shop they had a cake of soap, and here is where we bought our last live lobsters.2012-06-13 DSC018232012-06-13 DSC01824

Type at you later.

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