Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Canada Days 17-20, June 24, 25, 26, 2012

On Sunday, the 24th, we drove 106 miles down the coast of Nova Scotia, past Lunenburg and Liverpool to Thomas Raddall Provincial Park near Port Joli.  Cost was C$33.47 per night for no hookups (no water, no electric, and no sewer).  It is still a very pretty park, and many of their sites are large.  Our site is large enough that we have been able to get Direct TV, except when it is very foggy or raining.  We walked down to their beach which was sandy.  Of course it is still too cold for us to go in the ocean.

Yesterday, which was Monday the 25th, we left in the morning to see the sights of Liverpool, NS.  Our first stop was Fort Point Lighthouse in Liverpool.  2012-06-25 DSC04919 Fort Point, Liverpool2012-06-25 DSC04921 Fort Point, Liverpool2012-06-25 DSC04923 Fort Point, Liverpool  We found these painted fire hydrants too cute, so we took pictures of one of them also.  2012-06-25 DSC04924 Liverpool fire hydrant2012-06-25 DSC04925 Liverpool fire hydrant  Then we drove around to Western Head Light standing next to its foghorn, and, off in the distance you can see a white dot that is Coffin Island Light.  2012-06-25 DSC04927 Coffin Island Light2012-06-25 DSC04928 Western head Lighthouse  Back in Liverpool, we spent a little time in the Hank Snow Museum.  He was born in nearby Brooklyn, NS, and his museum is housed in the local train station.  2012-06-25 DSC04930 Hank Snow Museum2012-06-25 DSC04931 Hank Snow Museum  Since it was time for lunch, we headed for McDonald’s so we could check email.  We had to get help connecting to their internet, but it worked.  After lunch, we drove a little farther east to Medway to see its lighthouses.  First was the Medway Harbor Light, then we drove out to the Medway Head Light.   2012-06-25 DSC04935 Medway Harbor Light2012-06-25 DSC04942 Medway Head Light  Across the street from the Medway Head Light is a house that was the second lighthouse on the site. 2012-06-25 DSC04941 Former Medway Head Light

Today, Tuesday, June 26th, and our 20th day in Canada.  We drove back to Liverpool to see the Rossignol Cultural Centre.  The museum is located in their former Junior High School, which is a great use for the former building.  Their collection of stuffed animals and birds from all over the world were very interesting.  Some reminded us of our trip last summer to Alaska.  2012-06-26 DSC01851 Rossignal Cultural Ctr2012-06-26 DSC01852 Rossignal Cultural Ctr  One room contains the walls, doors, table etc. crated and shipped from London.  The harp is an amazing touch.  2012-06-26 DSC01853 Rossignal Cultural Ctr2012-06-26 DSC01854 Rossignal Cultural Ctr  We had to see the outhouse museum.  There were a couple of former outhouses, collections of pictures, and a collection of salt & pepper shakers shaped like outhouses.  2012-06-26 DSC01855 Rossignal Cultural Ctr

I will publish this on the 27th.  Our next campground says it has an internet hotspot.

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