Monday, June 11, 2012

Canada day 4, 06/11/2012

We awoke this morning to fog on the Bay of Fundy.  We had planned to drive the Fundy Trail Parkway this morning, but decided to wait until after lunch.2012-06-11 DSC04732 foggy morning  Even the boats in town were in fog, as well as being out of the water due to low tide.2012-06-11 DSC04733 low tide  As we drove onto the Fundy Trail Parkway, we found beautiful views of the Bay.  Fundy Trail ParkwayFundy Trail Parkway  The Fundy Trail Parkway is currently about 10 miles in length, and will eventually connect to the Fundy National Park.  It was built by the people of New Brunswick to provide access to the coast of the Bay of Fundy in its natural setting.  The area was first settled by loggers in the mid-1800s.  Since logging has gone by the wayside, tourism has become the way to preserve the coast. 

We stopped at the visitor center for a film about the history and creation of the parkway.  Then we walked across this suspension bridge (yes Marilyn walked across too) where we saw this machine in the water near what was billed as a salmon pool.  The machine was upstream from the pool.  We do not know if it was designed to catch fish, or count them as they swam down stream.Fundy Trail ParkwayFundy Trail ParkwayFundy Trail Parkway  Later in the drive, we took these pictures of the visitor center. Fundy Trail ParkwayFundy Trail Parkway  Here are some additional pictures of the Bay of Fundy, including a distant lighthouse.Fundy Trail ParkwayFundy Trail ParkwayFundy Trail ParkwayFundy Trail ParkwayFundy Trail ParkwayFundy Trail Parkway

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