Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday, 2012-05-06

Yesterday, we relaxed.  Marilyn Googled easy Mexican pork chops for our celebration of el Cinco de Mayo.  They were delicious, and we tried the Lime Beer-rita that we bought at Sam’s the other day.  It was good also.

On the 3rd, Marilyn was able to get the Yosemite National Park entrance sign on our drive into the park.  Unlike most parks, the sign does not have a pull-off in front of it for picture taking.  I failed to put it on the blog for the 3rd, so, hear it is.  DSC02548

Today, the 6th, we headed back into the park for the third time to take two short hikes.  The first was to the Lower Yosemite Falls, and the second was to Mirror lake.

We parked the Jeep at the Valley Visitor Center parking lot, and then took the Park Shuttle Bus to Stop 6 so we could walk to the Lower Yosemite Falls.  On our walk in, I took a couple of pictures of this Pacific Dogwood tree flowers.  DSC06845DSC06846 

It is not a long or steep walk, but it does provide a nice view of the Upper and the Lower Yosemite Falls.  But first here is a picture of the Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls.  DSC06849


We were warned about the potential Icy walking conditions on the trail to the Lower Yosemite Falls.  DSC06851  Next are pictures of the Lower Yosemite Falls and the whitewater below the falls.  DSC06852DSC06854DSC06855DSC06857


On our way to lunch, we saw this woodpecker.  DSC06860-001  Once again, we ate lunch at the Valley Lodge Food Court.  We had thought that that woodpecker might be the only wildlife we would see today, but  when we got off the shuttle at the Mirror Lake Stop, we found these three deer.  DSC06865DSC06867DSC06869 


We walked on to Mirror Lake, which is a wide spot in the creek.  However, you could see mirror images of the cliffs in the lake.  DSC06873DSC06877


Since today was a rainy-sprinkle day, the clouds tried to obscure the cliffs.  DSC06844DSC06878


As we drove out of the park in the afternoon, the rain even became hail, but we arrived back at Park Sierra safe and sound. 

Hugs, and type at you later.

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