Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Good sightseeing day here in Cheyenne, WY.  After breakfast, we drove in to the Visitor Center at the old train depot with one of the big cowboy boots outside. DSC02621, found a parking place and went in to buy Trolley tickets for the 1pm tour since we had just missed the 10am tour.  From there, we walked toward the capitol building.DSC02624  Since we had gone to the Capitol Building with Bryan & Jane Rose a few years ago, we went to the State Museum instead of returning to the capitol.DSC02626  It is a very nice museum.  We then went to Subway for lunch before returning to the visitor center.  Here is a picture of the trolley, and another of the visitor center.DSC02629DSC02630  In the park next to the trolley is a statue of a horse with a license plate attached.DSC02627  Next, we went to the Old West Museum.DSC02632  The trolley returned for us 90 minutes later.  We continued our tour of Cheyenne, with a stop to see one of the largest steam locomotives ever produced.  In fact, there were only 25 made.DSC02633DSC02634  On its trips to Ogden Utah, it was supposed to take 25,000 gallons of water plus 25,000 tons of coal just to reach Summit outside of Cheyenne.  It took another 25,000 of each for the balance of the trip to Ogden.


We have enjoyed Cheyenne, WY.

Hugs, and Type at you Later.

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