Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Yesterday, we left Elm Creek, NE and drove to Pender, NE where we are staying in the Blue Ox Campground.

This morning, our new Blue Ox tow bar, that we had purchased in Quartzsite, AZ, was taken in to the factory to be serviced. 

About 10:30AM we went in to the office to take a factory tour.  We found out that Blue Ox started out making agricultural equipment some 80 years ago.  It is still a family owned company.  They still make rollers for the grain agricultural industry, but have grown to making tractor cabs as well as products for the towing of vehicles etc.  My father worked in a machine shop, so I recognized some of the manufacturing equipment.  They press, cut, mold, and paint all of their products from start to finish. 

They no longer service their products for free.  They charge the same $25 at the factory as they do at RV shows, etc.  However, we thought it would be good to get the tow bar serviced.  We probably not get it serviced again until Escapade next May. 

We have had a rainy, breezy day.  However, there has been no severe weather.

Hugs, and Type at You Later.

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  1. Thanks for keeping all that wet and bad weather near you.