Friday, May 3, 2013


Last night my phone died, but at least Marilyn’s works so we have internet.  Customer Service (I called on Marilyn’s phone) said I needed a new SIM Card.  Tomorrow, we were planning to go to Fresno to Sam’s, so a stop at a Verizon store will not be a problem.  I guess I can do without a Smart Phone for 2 nights.

Today, we drove back up to Yosemite National Park.  We started at about 1700 feet in our RV park, and topped out at 7900 feet at Glacier Point in the park.

After entering Yosemite NP, we turned right to go to the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoia Trees.  We enjoyed seeing these giant trees again.  Most of them require 2 pictures to get the top and the bottom.   (Note that without my phone I can not get panorama pictures of a tall tree in one picture.   DSC06796DSC06797 

But, in this park the trails and parking lot are open enough to get full tree pictures. DSC06798DSC06800

We walked out the trail towards the Grizzly Giant, one of the oldest trees in the world.  Along the way, we saw the Bachelor and the Three Graces.  DSC06805DSC06806

Fire affects all trees, whether they are alive or dead.  DSC06807DSC06808

Here is the oldest tree in the grove, the Grizzly Giant. DSC06809DSC06811DSC06812 

This is Marilyn underneath the tree named California Tree.  DSC06816

We left the big trees, and headed toward Glacier Point, which was at about 7900 feet.  Here we are with Half-Dome behind us.  DSC06822  Note that it is Red Shirt Friday. 

We had a great view of Nevada Falls. DSC06824

From Glacier Point, we could also see Yosemite Village, as well as Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls.  DSC06831DSC06832

The rock walls were very interesting.  DSC06836DSC06839

Our wildlife for the day was limited to a Ground Squirrel. DSC06840

But, in addition, to all the great views we got to see some of that left over white lumpy rain since we were at almost 8000 feet.  DSC06842

Type at you later. 

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