Friday, March 27, 2015


We drove to the Escapees North Ranch RV Park north of Phoenix near Congress, AZ to visit Susie and Denny Orr plus many other friends. They have a beautiful lot and home, and welcome friends. They have some flowering cacti. IMG_5871IMG_5874.  While here we have celebrated Denny’s birthday, and Ed & Sandy Kruty’s Anniversary. IMG_5876IMG_5877IMG_5882. Many friends joined in the celebration. IMG_5879IMG_5885IMG_5895IMG_5896.


A lot of our time here was taken up with working with Vern Penner trying to fix our old refrigerator, and then installing our new one. Denny and Susie drove us up to Prescott, AZ to pick up our new one – a 21.5 cu. ft. side by side from Sears. (Marilyn had always said she did not want a side by side, but, after a call to Brannen Hutchinson in Red Bay, AL, we found out that no French Door with the freezer in the bottom would fit in our motorhome). We loaded the new refrigerator in Denny’s trailer. 20150323_12461520150323_12463520150323_124711  Afterwards. we all went to our first lunch at In’n’Out this year. 20150323_13100820150323_131016. Back at Susie and Denny’s. the doors come off IMG_5901. Then the motorhome window was taken out. IMG_5902, followed by the refrigerator being lifted through the window. IMG_5904IMG_5905IMG_5906. The refrigerator spent its first night sitting in the slide IMG_5909. It was a tight fit, but it is in place IMG_5910IMG_5911IMG_5912IMG_5914. the doors are back on and Vern only has some finishing touches for Saturday IMG_5915. Marilyn had to use a stool to for the freezer in our old No-Cold, and now she needs the stool to reach the top shelf of the new refrigerator IMG_5916.


Today, Denny and Susie took us on a Razor ride out into the desert where we saw a Crested Cactus and Flowers. 20150327_11383020150327_11383920150327_11390020150327_11411720150327_133110.


Type at you later.

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  1. Quite an endeavor to replace the fridge. I really like the desert in the spring. I only have 3 more work days then retirement. We hope to hit the road May 1st. Travel goals are: Alaska. West Coast, South West & Gulf Coast.