Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 9, 2013

We have been here at Lakepoint State Park in Eufaula, AL since the 1st of October.  There is not a lot to do here unless you are interested in fishing, hiking, but primarily being on the lake.  We have had a wonderful time.  We have walked each morning for approximately 3 to 4 miles.  We have gone shopping at a grocery store, WalMart, Dollar Tree, etc.  While it may not have been exciting, we had time for Marilyn to clean and read.  I have been working on sorting pictures.  I thought that I could create picture albums for our children from the picture recognition feature of Picasa.  Unfortunately, creating a gift CD from this part of Picasa only provides head shots of individuals rather than the original picture.  I have started over creating albums for individual family members.  Hopefully I will be able to create albums for each of the kids based on their individual lives, as well as their parents, etc.

Today, we received wonderful news when I signed in to check whether Marilyn has to report for jury duty in Crestview, FL next Monday.  She does not have to report, but we still plan to go to Crestview, probably on Tuesday, to get our mail before heading towards Bushnell, FL.

Type at you later.

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