Friday, October 11, 2013


Yesterday when I checked Marilyn’s jury status, the directions said for her not to report.  And today, Marilyn got an email stating that she did not have to report on Monday for jury duty.

Yesterday was another moving day.  We left Lakepoint Resort State Park in Eufaula, AL and drove to Pine Mountain Resort for the Escapees Chapter 16 Fall Rally.  It was a long 73 mile day.  We have ended up with 7 rigs for the rally – 4 officers, a friend of one of the officers, one non-officer chapter member, and one rig from Chapter 29.  Dinner was in LaGrange, GA at Cisco’s Café for wonderful Mexican dinners.

This morning, 10 of us went to the Pine Mountain Wild Animal Safari.DSC07232DSC07297  You get to drive through the park viewing and feeding the animals.  We rented one of the park’s vans, and Dave Pye (President of Chapter 16) was our driver.DSC07234DSC07235DSC07298


There were deer like animals, pigs, Watusi cattle, bison, etc.DSC07236DSC07238DSC07240DSC07241


The would come right up to your window for the pellets that were sold for animal food. DSC07243DSC07257DSC07258DSC07263DSC07267DSC07276DSC07284DSC07288DSC07289DSC07301


For dinner we went out to a little restaurant in Pine Mountain called Bon Vivant. 

Type at you later.

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