Thursday, October 31, 2013

2012-10-31 Halloween

Tonight we will go up to the Activity Center for a Halloween Party – your beverage, and snacks to share.  Should be fun.

We have been here at the Escapees’ Sumter Oaks RV Park in Bushnell Florida since October 17th.  Nice to see those of our friends who spent the summer here.  Larry & Carolyn Jarvis arrived on Friday, so it was not a cooking night.  We went to Coyote Rojo’s with them and the Halidays.  It is nice to relax, since we will be here until April except for 2 rallies and Xmas at Doug’s.  Terri and Phil Tobin arrived on Monday, plus we are making new friends.

Tuesday, we went to Sam’s Club in the Villages, and had dinner with Mitzi and Pete.  Then on Wednesday, Dennis & Carol Hill arrived with their new “Baby”, a 36’ Winnebago.  It has many nice features. IMG_20131026_081623_744IMG_20131026_081641_687

Thursday night, we took Dennis & Carol to Oakwood Smokehouse for baby back ribs, accompanied by many of our other friends here at Sumter Oaks.  Dennis & Carol invited us over for some of his delicious smoked pulled pork butt on Friday night.  We said goodbye to them Saturday morning, and then headed out for more shopping. 

Sunday, we went to visit Paul (Marilyn’s cousin) & Peg Gifford.  In addition to great conversation, Peg made a delicious beef stroganoff dinner.  Back at Sumter Oaks we have done some cleaning out (still more to do) and moving stuff into our storage unit.  Now we have to clean out the storage unit.  

Monday, the 28th, I tried to order a Surface Pro 2 from Microsoft.  They place a $1 charge on your credit card to see if the card is good.  My Visa card thought it was a fraudulent purchase (of course they did not call to find out).  Several hours of working with Microsoft’s customer service resulted in not being able to make the purchase on either my Visa or Discover card – Microsoft started to block the transaction.  Robin said he would try again on Tuesday, if I replied to his email.  Of course he did not call back.

So on Wednesday, the 30th, I tried again.  My Visa card and my Discover card blocked it again, as a fraudulent purchase.  So Microsoft’s customer no service tried again for a few hours to no avail.  After JD gave up, I received a call from Discover asking if I had tried to make a purchase from Microsoft.  I said that I had tried, and then ranted a bit, so they decided to unblock the purchase.  Since I had not deleted the MS Store page, I clicked submit, and voila, my purchase went through.  Microsoft had the nerve to ask me to take a survey about my experience with their online Store.  Of course they received a negative review about their store and customer no service.  However, I should have a new Surface Pro 2 tomorrow.

Today, the 31st, I borrowed Larry Jarvis pressure washer to clean the Jeep and our concrete patio.

I will try to take some pictures at our Halloween party tonight for posting in a subsequent blog.

Hugs, and I will type at you later.

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