Sunday, October 13, 2013


Yesterday, we had the Escapees Chapter 16 meeting at 10am.  Our total turnout at the rally included 4 officers (President Dave Pye, Vice President Roger Dubrulle, Secretary Charles Earhart, and Treasurer Larry Forbes) and one non-officer member Steve Gerner.  It was a normal meeting, until we started discussing whether to continue as a chapter.  We finally voted to de-activate the chapter due to lack of interest and participation on the part of chapter members and Escapees members that have Georgia addresses.  None of us wanted to de-activate the chapter, but we were tired of creating rallies that were attended by officers plus one or two members.

After the meeting, some went to the Little White House (FDR) in Warm Springs, some to Callaway Gardens,some to a hoe-down in Warm Springs, while Marilyn and I went to Columbus to stop at Hobby Lobby, Verizon, and a liquor store.  At Verizon, I wanted to know the impact of the Share Everything Plan on contract lengths, and phone discount upgrades.  We were told there would be no impact on those items if we switched.  I also wanted to find out which Mifi Routers had the best reception.  I was told that the new router for residences (voice and data) had the best reception.  I may change in the next month or two.

Today, we said goodbye to our friends in Chapter 16.  It is sad that the chapter is de-activating, and I have to close the bank account that I just opened in 2012.  However, we did have a wonderful brunch at Bone Fish in Columbus with our son (Doug) and Laila.  We will definitely return for other meals at Bone Fish.  After leaving Doug and Laila, we moved to Dothan, AL where we are spending the night in WalMart’s parking lot.

Hugs, and Type at You Later.

P.S. November 2014 is another National Election, so please remember the impact on the lives of normal Americans caused by both Political Parties, and do not vote for any current member of Congress or any other office.  In other words, do not vote for an incumbent.

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