Friday, June 28, 2013


This morning, we left for Terri & Phil’s house about 8:30am, arriving about 9am.  Then Phil drove the 4 of us to Hyde Park, about one hour and fifteen minutes on the eastern side of the Hudson River.  Along the way, we stopped to say hello to their son Phillip at a Hudson River yacht club where he stores his 34 foot boat.  It is a beautiful boat, and he has lived on it.  A little further north we stopped for dinner because it was 11am.  Phillip had recommended the Eveready Diner.IMG_20130628_112131_409IMG_20130628_112143_885  We all had breakfast, and it was delicious.


Next up was a stop at the home of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  His mother inherited the estate from her husband, and Franklin did not inherit the property until about 3 and one-half years before he died in 1945.  He died in April 1945 before Marilyn and I were born.  (Marilyn on August 14 1945 (Victory in Japan Day) and I was not born until October 16, 1945).  The home is beautiful inside and out.IMG_20130628_125318_893


Then we went to tour one of the Nouveau Riche homes of Frederick Vanderbilt, also in Hyde Park.  He liked to sit out and entertain on his back deck overlooking his yacht on the Hudson River.IMG_20130628_150755_436IMG_20130628_155808_423  Since his family owned the New York Central RailRoad, he also liked to be able to hear them as they passed by his home.  The first room we entered was more like the rotunda of a state capitol building.IMG_20130628_152416_949


Another view from the side and river view.IMG_20130628_160442_931


Hugs, and Type at You Later.

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