Friday, June 7, 2013


Today, Andrea is supposed to bring her rain and wind up the East Coast to New Jersey and beyond.  So, we are planning to just stay here in the motorhome all day.

We made our tourist trip in to Trenton yesterday because it is supposed to rain today and tomorrow.  In Trenton, we took the 12:00 tour of the State Capitol.  We were lucky to join a 4th grade class on their tour, because the Lt. Governor of the State of New Jersey took time out of her busy schedule to talk to the class, pose for pictures and talk to Marilyn and I.  She said Chris Christie would have come out to talk to them but he had more pressing things on his plate (we later learned on the news that he was announcing a temporary US Senator).  This class was from one of the shore schools that had been damaged in last year’s hurricane.  They were finally able to return to class in their own school this past Monday.  Until then, they would be bused to their old school where they would be split up into three groups to be bused to separate locations for each day.

We parked in the Visitors’ underground garage, so our first pictures of the Capitol were inside of the dome and stained glass windows.DSC02651DSC02652DSC02653


After the tour, we went outside for a picture of the front of the Capitol, and the WW II Memorial across the street.DSC02655DSC02657


Next we went to the New Jersey State Museum. DSC02659DSC02660


As we left the museum, one of the guards said he would show us how to get back to the garage.  As we were walking and talking, he asked if we had seen the barracks.  We said no, and he said we really should if we had time.  So we walked to Barracks Street and took pictures of the only surviving British Barracks from the Revolutionary War.  It was built in 1758 for the French and Indian War.  (We decided we did not want to pay the $8 each to go inside).DSC02662DSC02663DSC02664


As we walked back to the State Library for an elevator to the garage, Marilyn found a better views of the Capitol Dome.  This Capitol was built piece-meal.  The first building was finished in 1792.  As time went on and larger accommodations were needed, extensions were added to the front, rear and sides.  In the first picture, the original capitol building can be seen on the right, and House Chamber addition on the left.  The Senate Chamber is on the other side, also in the front of the old capitol.DSC02665DSC02667

Hugs, and Type at You Later.

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