Sunday, June 9, 2013


Today was another fun lighthouse day.  We stopped to see 3 of them on the Jersey Shore.

First up was Twin Lights in Highlands, NJ.  It was one of the first lighthouses to provide guidance for New York Harbor.  The ones you can visit today were built in 1862.  There are two lights with the keeper’s quarters in between.DSC06933DSC06934DSC06936


I took a picture of one of the lights from the top of the other one, along with some wildlife.DSC06937DSC06941DSC06942


We could see the Verrazano Narrows Bridge (connecting NJ to Staten Island) and the Manhattan Skyline looking from the Twin Lights across Sandy Hook, NJ.DSC06938DSC06939


Next was lunch at Bahr’s Landing, and it was delicious.  We started with soup (Marilyn had New England clam chowder, and I had New Jersey Corn and Crab chowder) cole slaw and biscuits.  Marilyn claims that her fried oyster Po’boy on and Kaiser role was delicious, and I know that my crab cake on a Kaiser role really was delicious.  The fries were good too.  If you are ever in Highlands, NJ, I would highly recommend eating at Bahr’s Landing.DSC06944


After that delicious lunch, we headed toward the Sandy Hook Lighthouse.  It was built in 1764 about 500 yards from the shore.  Due to sand filling in, it is now a mile and a half from the sea shore.Sandy Hook Lighthouse, NJ DSC06947In the 1890’s, the Army built Fort Hancock to protect New York Harbor with huge coastal guns that are now silent.  Here is a nine gun battery.DSC06958  The fort is now in disrepair, with only a portion used by the Coast Guard.


It was later in the day, so we had a better view of Manhattan, and we could even see the Parachute Jump at Coney Island.DSC06954DSC06955

Our final lighthouse for the day was in Sea Girt, NJ.DSC06959 


Hugs, and Type at You Later

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