Wednesday, June 5, 2013


We left Mercer, PA yesterday, and headed East on I-80.  We stopped for the night at a WalMart in Bloomsburg, PA.  Of course we went in to Customer Service to ask permission, and they said we would not probably be bothered if we parked way out of the way.  There were signs that said “No Tractor Trailer of RV Parking”, but we did stay anyway.  When we got out in the morning, we found a “Parking Ticket”, which cost $10 if paid within 10 days, otherwise it would be $15.  In defense of the police department, they did put tickets on all of the tractor trailers also.  We wrote a check for the $10, because if we paid it on line, it would cost the original $15 plus a fee of $0.76.  Beware when traveling on I-80 in Pennsylvania.

Today, we drove another 200 miles, and are parked at Timberland Lake Campground in Cream Ridge, New Jersey.  We will be here until we go to Philadelphia for our daughter’s graduation.

Hugs, and Type at You Later.

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