Saturday, June 1, 2013


On the 28th of May, we continued our drive east for about 200 miles, and spent the night in Indiana at Caboose Lake Campground.2013-05-28 Indiana DSC02648


We spent the night of the 29th in Ohio after about another 200 miles at a WalMart in Upper Sandusky2013-05-29 Ohio DSC02649


On Thursday the 30th, we arrived in Pennsylvania.  We are staying at RV Village near Mercer, PA.2013-05-30 Pennsylvania DSC02650  Plugging in, we had no electricity.  The Park’s electrician was able to get us sufficient electric to run the rear AC, but the quality of the electric on site 182 is only sufficient to run one appliance at a time.  Once my coffee is made, I turn it off so I can use the toaster.  The access to the internet by cell phone did get better the following day.  Friday was shop for groceries in the afternoon.

Saturday we were able to visit the one person we stopped here for – Mary Ellen Banks2013-06-01 Mary Ellen Bnaks IMG_20130601_120253_629.  She is in an independent living facility – her husband Tom passed away last year.  Mary Ellen and Tom were long time members of Escapees chapters 15 and 27.  We had a wonderful afternoon lunch and visit.  Mary Ellen looks great.

Hugs, and Type At You Later.

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  1. We've stayed at the Caboose a couple of times. For some reason we always seem to do laundry there. There isn't much in town and not a huge selection in the little grocery.