Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuesday, September 26, 2012

Sunday was a nice driving day.  After leaving Springfield, MO, we continued south on US 65 to 63 and then east through Mississippi, reaching Red Bay, AL at 4:20pm.  We were surprised that we did not have to go to a boondock site – we got water and electric.

Monday, we walked around some.  Around 2:30pm, I walked over to the campground office to see if they had a full hookup site available.  They did, so we moved to site #53 around 3pm. 

On Tuesday, Norris finally came by about 2pm to go over our list of items to repair.  He said it could be four or five days before we got in to the express service – could be Monday or Tuesday.  We had called Verizon earlier to give our daughter a $20 hotspot so she could do her on-line school without going to MacDonald's for internet service.  Verizon asked if there was anything else they could do for us, so we asked if they could check on when my iPhone would be delivered.  They said it would be delivered today, and it was by 4pm.  I am now back on telephone and data on the phone.  As we were walking around, we found Bea and Bennett’s rig, so we stopped in for a visit.

Wednesday after our walks, I stopped in to talk to Billy (Jimmy’s replacement) to see if we could get the chassis and engine serviced at Bay Diesel on Thursday- we got an appointment for Thursday at 11:30.  After lunch, we drove to Fulton, MS to visit Wal-Mart.  When we left, the tire pressure gauge in the Jeep said it only had 23 pounds of air, so I pumped it back up.  Ten miles later it was down another 7 pounds, so I pumped it back up.  We stopped at Strickland Tire, and he tried to plug the tire, but it did not work since it was almost on the side wall.  He has ordered 4 new Toyo tires that will be installed for about 200 each.  We still need a front end alignment to prevent them from doing it again.  We will get new tires tomorrow, after we get the motorhome serviced at Bay Diesel.

Bea and Bennett came over before dinner for nice conversation.

Hugs,  Type at you later.

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