Friday, September 28, 2012

Thursday, September 28, 2012

Thursday was an expensive day.  Back to Strickland Tire about 9am for four new Toyo tires for the Jeep – $860.  Back at the motorhome, we closed everything up so we could take it to Bay Diesel for an 11:30am chassis lube and oil and filter change.  There goes another $255, but we should be good for our return to FL and winter headed west followed by a return east for the summer.  Lunch was a $5 footlong at Subway.

After returning to the Allegro Campground, Marilyn and I washed the motorhome (yes Dennis, we did it together).  We even polished  the wheel covers.  After resting a few minutes, I walked in to see if Billy had a time for our Express Bay Service.  He said we were #3 in line for service.  Bea and Bennit had invited us for a chicken dinner.  It was delicious, and their windshield no longer had a booboo.

We had no call in the morning so I went back in about 11:30.  Billy said we surely would be called in the afternoon.  No such luck, when I asked again at 2pm we were still 2nd in line.  We do not even have a time yet for Monday morning.

About 5:30pm while Marilyn and I were having a cocktail, we received a call from Brenda and Dave Neil asking where we were located.  They had seen our rig on site 53, and informed us they were on site 41.  So they brought over their chairs – we got ours out, and enjoyed a great social hour.  Brenda suggested we might get together tomorrow for lunch at the Rattlesnake Saloon.  We are looking forward to lunch tomorrow.

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