Sunday, September 2, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

It was a family day.  Around 1:00pm, my sister Loretta drove in to visit with us at Ann and Garry’s, followed by her son Michael, his wife Jennifer, and their two girls Tara and Bella. DSC05533  We did a Kentucky Fried Chicken potluck that was enjoyed by all. IMG_0817

Loretta brought old pictures from our younger days along with some of our grandparents.  So we spent a couple of hours after we ate going over the pictures and trying to identify the people/children in them.  While we were busy, Ann’s granddaughter, Jessica joined us.

I also got to take some family group pictures.  The first is Jennifer, Bella, Michael, Tara and Loretta.  DSC05535  In the second one, they were joined by myself, Marilyn, Ann, Jessica and Garry.  DSC05536  As the evening wore on, the girls became tired, especially Bella.  DSC05539  Jessica and Ann could not be left out of the picture taking.  IMG_0818

It was a great visit with family. 

Type at you later.

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