Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2010

I last wrote on September 1, so we have 10 days to catch up on.  On the 1st, we were still at my sister Ann’s home in Oswego, NY.  In the afternoon, my sister Loretta, her son Michael, his wife Jennifer, and their two cute little girls Tara and Bella came down from Rochester, NY for a visit.DSC05533DSC05535DSC05536  We did a potluck dinner with KFC chicken etc.  IMG_0817

Loretta brought some old albums and other pictures from our youth and some of our ancestors.  We spent the afternoon trying to put names on the faces.  One of the pictures was in a sleeve labeled Templeton Family (our grandmother on our father’s side was a Templeton), and was etched on glass.  Since then, I have scanned the etched glass into my computer, and with Picasa, was able to make the faces visible.Templeton Family_0001-001  I love looking at old pictures even if I do not know who they are.

On Labor Day the 3rd, we drove the MLFPhaeton to North Tonawanda to visit Larry and Carolyn Jarvis.  We stayed until Friday, the Friday morning the 7th.  During the week, Larry had carpel tunnel surgery and was healing well by the time we left.  Carolyn had acquired a netbook, her first computer, so I helped her find a few things.

On Friday, the 7th, we drove to Mansfield, OH where we spent the night at WalMart.

Then on Saturday, the 8th, we drove to Dayton, OH where we spent the 8th and 9th in the Sam’s Club parking lot.  Of course, our daughter, Beverly, came over to join us.  Late in the afternoon, Allan Buxton, joined us, and we all went out for Mexican dinners.  Allan brought along his Kindle Fire so I could play with it.  I liked it, and, at this point, plan to have Marilyn give me a 7inch Kindle Fire HD for my birthday in October.  The new Kindle Fire HD will certainly do all I want in a tablet (Marilyn will inherit the Kindle she gave me for Christmas 2010).  Sam’s, like WalMart, is an expensive place to spend the night in an RV, we made two trips to buy stuff for our daughter as well as some for us.

Monday, the 10th.  Beverly spent the Sunday night with us, and since she had to get up early for work, we did too.  I set the alarm for 5:30am, which caused us to be on the road at 7:45am.  That was much too early, and we will try not to let it happen too often.  However, we had a great time with Bev, and got to wait until the morning to say goodbye for a while.  We are stopped for the night at Timber Trails Campground in Mulberry Grove, IL.  It sure is nice to have a full hookup 50amp site.

Since leaving Ann’s in Oswego, NY, we have driven over 850 miles.Map - Microsoft Streets & Trips 9102012 62829 PM

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