Saturday, September 1, 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

Actually I am writing this on Saturday morning because I was too lazy last night when we got home.  It was bed time (10:00pm). 

First thing yesterday morning, I washed the outside of the motorhome, while Marilyn cleaned the inside.  I even polished the wheels.  All of this so that it can rain (Isaac maybe) on Monday when we drive to Buffalo.

Last night, we went out to dinner to celebrate my brother-in-law’s (Garry) and his sister’s (Ginger) birthdays.  Ginger had made reservations at Tosonne’s, a wonderful Italian restaurant in Syracuse, for 6pm.  The first picture is (from left to right) Garry, my sister Ann, and Ginger.  IMG_0812 

The second picture is of Ginger and her husband Bobby.IMG_0813

Dinner was absolutely delicious.  We had Italian Haddock, a pasta combination called Italian Platter, Veal Parmigian (sp) etc.  We even tried some delicious desserts:  cheese cake, chocolate cream pie…

When we  returned to Bobby & Ginger’s for some additional conversation, I got to  play with Ginger’s Kindle Fire.  I bookmarked my blog for her, and she told me about a ebook sight that may generate some good reading.  It is called “”.  They just require an email address to register, and will send emails with free or low cost ebooks.  I signed up for mysteries and thrillers, and for sci-fi books.  The email I received this morning said they would begin sending emails from my selections shortly.  I am looking forward to new book sources.  Thank you Ginger.

That’s all.  Type at you later.

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