Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Last time I wrote, we were still at Ronni & Tim’s waiting for Norcold to send a part to Camping World.  Norcold did what they agreed to do since the refrigerator was still under warranty.  The part was shipped on Tuesday, and delivered Wednesday afternoon about 2pm.  Camping World installed the part, Marilyn went back to Ronni and Tim’s for our frozen food, Camping World did not charge us for the part, the installation, or for the overnight shipping, and we were on the road about 3pm.  We drove for about 200 miles stopping just north of Richmond, VA at Wal-Mart for the night. Thursday we drove around DC to the west and took I-270 to I-81 and then north to I-80 so we could go east to Tobyhanna, PA and the Hemlock Campground and Cottages.  We did not think of faces but took the picture anyway.IMG_0570  Marilyn’s high school girlfriend Lynn and her friend Bill came in later that evening.  We celebrated Sunday when they arrived.

Lynn and Bill supplied the food for Friday night – baked clams, stuffed Porto Bello mushrooms, and crab cakes – all heated on the grill.  I had two of the crab cakes – they were delicious.  Marilyn and Lynn sad the same about the mushrooms and clams.  (Champaign was good too).IMG_0571IMG_0572IMG_0573

Here are some pictures of their dogs Toby and Pepper. IMG_0574IMG_0576IMG_0577

Of course no RV park is complete without happy hour around the fire pit.IMG_0578

This morning (Sunday) we drove to the Delaware Water Gap for an informational trolley ride.IMG_0579IMG_0580

The Gap was created by a glacier cutting through the valley between Mount Tammany in New Jersey and Mount Minsi in Pennsylvania allowing the Delaware river to flow through the gap.  The Water Gap town was settled by Antoine Dutot who built a hotel.  Around 1850 the railroad brought tourists from NY & NJ, and then around 1860, the trolley brought them from Philadelphia.  The bust came in the early 1900s, but then entertainment came back to the Poconos when Fred Waring bought a resort in Shawnee and brought his Pensylvanians band to the area.  From the early 1940s to 1974, the Poconos were the place to go on your honeymoon.  Although he did not invent it, Fred Waring marketed the Waring Blender.  Many celebrities called this part of the Poconos home.

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