Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012

Since I last wrote, SKP ACRE ended, but the last days were busy.  We had computer classes put on by myself, and Cindy Devonshire.DSC04646DSC04649

Then at the 4:00 social, we had checks for contributions to CARE given to Mark Nemeth to take back to Livingston.  ($2,000+ from chapter 29, $145 from the Solo’s, and a $1,000 from the SKP ACRE committee.DSC04652DSC04653DSC04654

Of course there were more door prizes like the Sewee Pig that holds a sewer hose in place. DSC04658DSC04660

We even took a picture of all of the attendees wearing their yellow event shirts.DSC04663

We had a committee meeting to plan for next year, entertainment and dancing.IMG_0518IMG_0535IMG_0536

Dave Pye, the Chapter 16 president even joined the band to play his wash board.IMG_0537

And of course the bonfire was enjoyed by all.IMG_0542IMG_0543

SKP ACRE is over when Pete Petersen hauls his coffee pot back to his rig.IMG_0544

After leaving SKP ACRE, we drove to Ashboro, NC for 3 nights to vegetate and get caught up on paper work such as rally reports.  Then we moved to to Clayton, NC to visit friends Tim & Ronni Oeltjenbruns.  We parked in their front yard.  Saturday, I tried to replace a switch that had a light in it to indicate that it was on, got the wrong one, and blew a fuse.  After replacing the fuse, we found that the refrigerator would not work.  The fault code indicated that the High Temperature Switch was open.  This is the little box that Norcold has been replacing in all of its 1200 series refrigerators.  We put all of our frozen stuff in our friends’ freezer, and this morning (Monday) started trying to get it fixed.  We finally went to Camping World in Garner, NC.  They did not have any in stock, but had some on order – not due for a week.  Then we called Norcold, and with the help of the Camping World service writer, they are going to ship one tomorrow that will be here on Wednesday.  Of course that means that we will probably be late for our reservations in the Poconos.  Oh well, we will get there.  Then, while all of this was going on, Marilyn developed a headache, and her blood pressure was elevated, so we took her to a local emergency room.  The doctor ordered a couple of pills for pain, an additional blood pressure pill plus, a urine sample, and he ordered a cat scan of her head.  Diagnosis was a sinus infection, and a bladder infection resulting in the elevated blood pressure.  This evening, she is feeling better.

Type at you later.

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