Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday, 2012-04-09

We left the Tifton WalMart on the 6th, and drove to Lake Pines RV Park in Columbus, GA.  After setting up, we went shopping at Sam’s Club, and then drove over to our son’s house, and he surprised us by getting off work early, getting home about 4pm.  For dinner, the three of us went to Olive Garden to use the Darden Gift Cards that we had received for Xmas -  good evening.

Saturday morning we went back to Doug’s.  I did some woodworking for motorhome cabinets.  Harley came by with Gauge and it was nice to see both of them again.  For dinner, Doug cooked the Elk Sausage dogs that we still had from our trip to Alaska.  They were good.

Easter Sunday dawned with our going back to Doug’s.  Harley and Gauge came by with one of Harley’s friends – Lindsay.  Then Amber showed up with her son, Harlan.  We all sat around enjoying the company.  Harley and Gauge left around 2pm, because she had to get back to Orlando for classes on Monday.

For Easter dinner, Marilyn roasted a leg of lamb – yummy.  After dinner, Doug’s friend Leila came over.  She is a delightful young lady, and we enjoyed the evening talking to her.  Wish she had felt better, and could have joined us earlier for dinner.

Then this morning, Monday, we headed to North Georgia.  We got a late start because our mail had not caught up with us, and we had to call our mail-forwarding service.  They had mistakenly sent it to Bushnell, FL instead of to Doug’s.  Then we called the Bushnell Post Office to have them return our mail to Crestview.  We will try again in Marian, NC.  We did get fuel at WalMart at $3.98 per gallon of diesel – probably the last we will see diesel under $4 for a long time.

We are parked at Mountain View RV Resort in Blairsville, GA until Wednesday morning.

Type at you later.

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