Thursday, April 5, 2012

2012-04-05 On the Road Again

This morning we finished getting the motorhome ready to travel..  Took a picture of it sitting (moved forward to pull up the wood under the jacks) on our site for the since October 2011.  Note slides in, jacks up, and unplugged.IMG_0481

Then it was time for the SKP lunch in Clermont, FL.  We had a good turnout with 47 people having signed the sheet.  Note the picture was taken on my iPhone using an App called PhotoSync, which takes pictures as you move the phone in a circle, and then connects the pictures into one.IMG_0479

We then drove back to Sumter Oaks RV Park to get the motorhome.  With the car in tow, we were driving north by 1:45pm.  It was hot, and the PressurePro (which monitors the pressure in the motorhome and Jeep tires) alarm went off twice with high pressure in two of the tires.  The first was 122 pounds in the passenger outside dual, and the second was 120 in the driver’s side inside dual.  Since the tire max for the motorhome tires is 120 pounds, none were really excessive.

Just north of White Springs, FL it started to rain.  Of course this was in construction where the right lane was closed, and then they moved the cones into the center lane (where we were) so it was only half a lane.  Made it.  As we continued north, Georgia seemed to be living up to its song – A Rainy Night in Georgia.  Then, 20 miles south of Tifton, it stopped.  We are parked at WalMart, and it has started to rain again about 7:00pm.IMG_0482IMG_0483

Type at you later.

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