Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday, May 11, 2012

I finally downloaded some pictures from my phone from earlier in the week at Hemlock Campground and Cottages.  Here are Marilyn, Lynn and Bill being roasted.IMG_0593

The dump station has a privy with interesting signs:  Don’t Hog the Bathroom”, “No Sleeping Allowed”, and “What Happens in the Privy Stays in the Privy”.IMG_0587IMG_0594

Another interesting sign at this campground was the “I Poop, You Scoop”.IMG_0595

Today, we drove in to Oneonta, NY where we drove around the campus of SUNY Oneonta.  Marilyn applied to Oneonta, but luckily she went to SUNY Oswego.  We did stop at the Popp Butterfly Conservatory.  IMG_0617  We did see butterfly's along with a two toed sloth and and a “walking stick”.IMG_0597IMG_0601IMG_0603IMG_0612IMG_0616

Marilyn enjoyed just sitting and watching the butterfly’s.IMG_0610

Type at you later.

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