Friday, May 18, 2012

Cemetery & Battlefield–May 18, 2012

This afternoon we headed over to Hoosick, NY, just a few miles west of Bennington, NY.  It is still a tiny town, and we easily found the Hoosick Rural Cemetery south of town on Rensselaer CR-95.  We drove in to town, and turned left (south) at the only traffic light.2012-05-18 DSC04685 Hoosick Cemetery

Marilyn’s 2nd great-grandfather’s grave was the easiest one to find, because it was the tall one near the road.DSC04688  And her great-grandfather, William H White was also easy to find because he was listed on the back of the same stone monument as Sanford H Rudd.  DSC04686  The hardest ones to find were her grandfather and grandmother.  Grandfather Stearns White had died in 1920 in an industrial accident.  We finally called Paul and Peg Gifford.  Paul had been at her grandmother’s, Pauline Rothermel, burial, and thought he remembered it as being in the center of the cemetery.  There they were, not in the family plot, but in the center. 1882-1920 Stearns H White Hoosick NY Cemetery1883-1965 Pauline Rothermel Hoosick NY Cemetery  It is always nice to find the picture you are looking for.

We left the Hoosick Cemetery, and drove north and east to the NY State Historic Site of The Battle of Bennington.  The battle took place on August 16, 1777. DSC04703DSC04704DSC04705DSC04706

Got back to the RV, and couldn’t get the pictures off the SD Card and onto my computer.  I had to put them on Marilyn’s netbook, then on to a flash drive before moving them to my computer.  I guess that the SD Card reader on my computer is dying.  Time to look for a new computer.  I had wanted to wait until my new computer would come with an upgrade to Windows 8.  I may not be able to wait.  We will have to look at WalMart and Sams because of not being able to receive a package at a General Delivery.

Type at you later.

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