Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wednesday–Saturday, August 24-27, 2011

On Wednesday, we drove to Camp Wal-Mart in Gillette, WY so that we could spend the night and be able to enter the grounds early for the Escapade.  We spent the night next to Bryan and Jane Rose, and just around the corner from Keith and Shirley Murphy and Betty Bear.  We had a nice social, and then went to dinner at Perkins before retiring for the night.

Thursday, more of the staff entered the Escapade.  We arranged a few tables, had a staff meeting, and then went to MacDonald’s with Denny and Susie.

Friday required a little more set-up work, another staff meeting and social.  Then The Escapade provided a delicious dinner for the staff.

Saturday, the Row people arrived.  The Row is made up of Escapees Members from around the country representing their Chapters, Certified BOF’s and Co-op’s.  After setting up their Row tables, we had a short meeting and rehearsal for the Parade of Banners.  Then, at 5:00, we had our Row Dinner.  It was another delicious dinner provided by the Chop House.  After dinner, the four of us (Orr’s and Forbes) went to the Escapees Boot Camp to participate in their “full-timers panel”.

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