Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday, August 11, 2011

We left our campground this afternoon, and drove the approximately 5 miles to Hyder, AK.  In fact, we made the drive more than once.  Here is a picture of the sign made to welcome people to Stewart.


After driving through Hyder, and past Fish Creek, we continued the 23 miles to Salmon Glacier (from sea level to over 3,000 feet).  The road to the glacier was created for the mines, and turned in to a wonderful tourist attraction after the mines closed.  Here are remnants of a couple of those mines.


The bottom of the glacier is called the toe, so that was one of our next stops.DSC03930DSC03935

There are several glaciers to see along the route to Salmon Glacier.DSC03937DSC03938

Salmon Glacier is so large, that one can not get in to just one picture.  It turns to the left, and then continues down to the Salmon River.


In this view, the glacier appears to turn to the right.  We were told that this area is normally filled with water, and called Summit Lake.  Ten days ago, the lake drained, and flowed under the glacier.  The first time, it caused flooding, but no more.DSC03953

Here are pictures of Don and Sharon, and Marilyn and I with Salmon Glacier in the background at the summit viewpoint.


After leaving Salmon Glacier, we stopped at Fish Creek to see bears.  Once again, there were none.  Then it was home for social hour.  We drove back to Hyder to find a place for dinner.  We tried the Glacier Inn (recommended by the campground owner).  It was a pool hall dive full of smoke.  So we nixed that one.IMAG0385

Then we drove back to Stewart and spotted the Bitter Creek Café.  Prices were not bad, and the food was delicious.  We would definitely eat here again if ever we return.  We could even pay the bill in US$ at an even exchange.  I am going to see if the gas station will do the same.  That is a great exchange rate since the C$ is worth more than the US$.  The liquor store took US$, and apologized for having to give C$ in change.IMAG0386IMAG0387

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