Friday, August 5, 2011

Thursday–Friday, August 4-5, 2011

Thursday, we arrived at Bear River RV Park in Stewart, BC.  Along the way, we stopped at Jade City where 92% of the world’s jade is mined.DSC03908DSC03909DSC03910

We did get a glimpse of one bear, but no picture.  We stopped for a picture of this glacier which was across the river from the road.


Since it was Don’s birthday, we went out to dinner at the King Edward Hotel in Stewart, after driving to see Hyder, AK.  It is an old town with access by small boat, small plane or by road from Stewart, BC.  None of the roads in Hyder were paved, judging from the few buildings in town, there are no building codes.  There are no US Customs agents getting into Hyder, but Canada has its Customs Agents for the return to Stewart.  This is a picture of the main street of downtown Hyder.


Friday we stopped at the Stewart Visitor Center.DSC01407

Then we drove to the US Post Office to find that it has decided to observe Pacific Time instead of the Alaska Time that it did before we arrived.DSC01408

We had lunch at the landmark “Bus” where Marilyn and I had fried salmon and chips.  Don had shrimp, and Sharon had a chowder bread bowl.DSC01409DSC01411DSC01412

Final stop for the afternoon, we went to Fish Creek to see salmon spawn and bears eat salmon.  There were no bears, but we did get to see salmon and a young eagle.DSC01417-1DSC01420-1

On the way back to the RV park, we stopped for a picture of this glacier hanging above the town.DSC01425

After dinner, Marilyn and I returned to Fish Creek where we did get a glimpse of a bear a little after 8pm, along with a hawk, and more fish (unfortunately, they were so far away that they come out blurry).DSC03917DSC03919-1DSC03920-1

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