Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday & Monday, August 21-22, 2011

Sunday, we started moving again.  We left Great Falls, MT, and drove to the Elks in Helena, MT.  Shortly after we left Great Falls, Marilyn said that I-15 seemed to be deserted and flat, so she would be willing to drive the motorhome if I would let her.  She drove about 30 miles.  She did great, although she does not want to drive in traffic.  If needed, she now feels confident that she can drive in an emergency.

Twenty miles north of Helena, we stopped at the Gates of The Mountains Recreation Area to take a boat ride into the canyon that Lewis and Clark spent a night camped in.  It is a beautiful boat ride, and well worth the cost.  We rode on the Sacajawea II.


These are what Lewis and Clark called the Gates of the Mountains (Rockies).  Notice how the opening seems to close depending upon one’s position in the Missouri River.DSC04062DSC04063

After arriving in Helena, we drove to find the Capitol so that we would not spend time finding it in the morning.

Monday, we toured the Capitol of Montana

 DSC01434.  Inside the Capitol are stained glass windows and murals.  This mural in the House of Representatives was painted by Charles M. Russell.DSC01437    We then started visiting the Montana History Museum.DSC01439   At 1:00, we took the little tour train around the city of Helena.DSC01440  The tour is also well worth the ride.  After our tours, we left the Elks, and drove to the Interstate at Three Forks where we camped for the night.  The thought was that electric was worth the campground fee versus the cost of diesel fuel to run the generator and air conditioner.

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