Friday, August 12, 2011

Monday–Tuesday-Wednesday- Thursday-Friday, August 08-09-10-11-12, 2011

Monday, we drove from Houston, BC to Prince George, BC.  It was a nice but uneventful drive.  We did stop to take a picture of the sign welcoming us to Burns, BC.  It shows how the flower power of the sixties can affect today.DSC03968DSC03969

It really is an old VW turned into a flower planter.

For dinner, the four of us went to Fat Burger for burgers and fries.

Tuesday, we left Prince George, and continued our drive towards Jasper National Park.  We are spending the night in Robson Mountain Provincial Park at the Lucerne Campground.  It is a beautiful boondock park in the trees near a lake.  Along the way, we saw beautiful Mount Henry.DSC03970DSC03972

Wednesday.  We continued our drive south and east (25 miles) and entered Jasper National Park.DSC03975-1  We are spending the night in Whistler’s Campground.  After getting set up, the four of went in to town for lunch.  In town, we saw these deer eating the brush.DSC03976-1  We went our separate ways after lunch.  Marilyn and I drove out to Old Fort where we took a short hike along the rim of Malign Canyon.  The views of the rapids, and falls were great.DSC03979-1DSC03981-1DSC03983-1  Next we drove down to Malign Point where the mountains were mirrored in the lake.DSC03988-1DSC03989-1  Our final stop for the day, before heading back to the hose for dinner, was at Athabascan Falls.DSC03991-1DSC03992-1DSC03994-1DSC03996-1

Thursday.  We continued our drive through Jasper and Banff National Parks.  As we left Whistler’s Campground, we saw these elk eating brush inside the park.  We took many pictures of glaciers, and we ended up south of Calgary, AB in a little public park in High River, AB.

Friday.  Drove from High River, AB to Great Falls, MT.  The phones are turned back on.  Sharon and Don were going to get us in to Malmstrom AFB, but when we went to sign in, the base was locked down for up to 3 hours.  So we are spending the night at Sam’s Club, and will go to the FamCamp tomorrow morning.


  1. What beautiful pictures. Love the scenery in BC and Alberta but I always enjoy coming home to the USA. Both countries have so much beauty to enjoy.

  2. Did you get a chance to visit the downtown area of Banff and the hotel at Lake Louise? Two favorites of ours.