Sunday, September 21, 2014


Last Thursday morning, when Marilyn and I went to WalMart, I saw a 10’ Rhino sewer hose extension and an RV screen door closer bar. I only purchased the screen door bar. Little did I know that I would need it in Maryland. Yesterday, Marilyn and I went to three different WalMart’s before I could find one at the one Marilyn said I should have gone to first.

This morning, I installed the screen door closer bar.

After lunch, we drove to Frederick, MD to tour the July 9, 1864 Civil War Battlefield National Park of Monacacy.

DSC02988  General Jubal Early was on his to capturing Washington DC. However, he was delayed for a day, which allowed the Union reinforcements to arrive.

The Union defendants were not army regulars. They were enlisted for only 100 days, but 3300 of them held off the 6,600 soldiers of the Confederacy. The battle at Monocacy took place on three different farms and a mill. These houses are still standing today.


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