Wednesday, September 10, 2014

2014-09-10 Larry and Marilyn’s Plans

Tomorrow, the 11th, we move to Beaver Spring Lake Campground near Davenport NY, for the Escapees Chapter 41 Rally.

Monday, 9/15, we plan to move to Tri-State campground to visit Terri and Phil Tobin, and maybe Charlie and Lee Trueland.

Then on the 18th we are starting south towards FL.

We plan to arrive at Sumter Oaks on October 15th. Along the way we will do some sightseeing, possibly Williamsburg, VA.

While in FL, we will visit friends and relatives, plus rallies, and Busch Gardens concerts.

February 6th, we will start West to arrive at the Escapade on March 4th. Along the way, we will visit friends in Plantation, and in Livingston, TX, and wherever we can meet them.

After Escapade, we will visit friends at North Ranch, AZ.

Then it will be time to do some genealogy in California.

We plan to do some sightseeing in Oregon and Washington.

When we start back East, we plan to drive the Southern Canada route. Of course that route will interfere with our buying Kahlua.

We hope to see many of you along the way.

Hugs, and Type At You Later.

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