Tuesday, September 9, 2014

2014-09-09 Cemetery and a Dead Coffee Pot

Sunday afternoon, the 7th, we toured Val-Kill, the only home actually owned by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his wife, Eleanor. DSC02985  The Cottage and pool were used to entertain numerous famous people and politicians while FDR was alive. DSC02984  However, Eleanor still yearned for her own home. So, she converted the building that had been used for furniture manufacturing into her own house. This is the front door in the back. DSC02979 DSC02981 DSC02982  Since the conversion took place after FDR’s death, it is described as 1950’s style. The office. DSC02975  The dining room. DSC02976  And the living room. DSC02977 DSC02978 .


Yesterday, the 8th, we drove 100 miles,on a guess to Lyndhurst, NJ to visit Hillside Cemetery in the hope of getting pictures of the graves of Marilyn’s Great Grand Parents. Not only did we find their graves, but we found her great grand father’s mother’s grave. The reason I called it a guess was because, only because her great grand father lived in Rutherford, NJ in 1905, died in 1917, but his wife did not die until 1953. She died in Riverhead, NY, and there was no Hillside cemetery in Suffolk County. but I found one near where she lived 50 years previously. On the way back to the campground, we decided to drive up the west side of the Hudson River. Marilyn saw 2, but we were only able to get a picture of one – the Esopus Lighthouse. Esopus Lighthouse on the Hudson River Esopus Lighthouse on the Hudson River


This morning, our Mr. Coffee (K-cup version) continued to give us trouble, so I tried the de-scaling procedure. It just made things worse, so we went looking for a new coffee pot. Sam’s Club had a Cuisinart for $50, but when I checked, its reviews were not very good. Next, we went to Target, and they had the $99.99 Keureg K-10 on sale for $89.99, so we bought one. It is different in that it does not have a multi-cup reservoir, but its size fits. It makes just one at a time. Hopefully it will last more than 13 months.


Hugs, and Type at You Later.

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  1. Our first Keurig lasted over 6 years. We are just on our second one. Sam's club has a good buy on some of the K-cup coffees.