Monday, April 28, 2014


It is raining here in MacArthur, WVa. at the Wal-Mart, a little south of Beckley.  We only had a few sprinkles before getting here.  Our drive today was 175 miles.  We left Mocksville, NC about 12:30, and stopped about 4 pm.  Our route was US 601 to 431 to I-77.  We did stop to top off fuel at the Flying J in Wytheville, VA.  We should have taken about 40 gallons, but only took 18 because we were down in front.

Don and Sharon Del Rosario probably had their ears burning this morning as Roger Hunkler installed our magne shade.  It looked great.  It may not go up again until we get to Elkhart with the not so good weather.

Type at you later.

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  1. Bill was raised in Brooke County--north of Wheeling. We're anxious to see you.