Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Yesterday afternoon, Marilyn went in to the office to find out the status of our windows.  She was told that they had been re-sealed, and that they would be re-installed in the morning.  We then drove to the post office to mail a card.

They arrived about 8:30 this morning to do the re-stall.Finished with the water test about 10:20 so we were closed up and ready to leave Hudson FL by 11pm.  The four windows are now pretty and clear. LARRYSP2 - WIN_20140416_175915

We left Hudson FL about 11am, and drove 214 miles to the WalMart in the City of Roses (Thomaston, GA).  Tomorrow morning we will continue on to visit our son in Columbus, GA.

Type at you later

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  1. Glad you have clear windows. Now, you can travel down the road singing "I can see clearly's gonna be a bright lovely day"