Sunday, April 27, 2014


So far, it has been a great week since we left Freightliner Custom Chassis’ service center in Gaffney, SC.

On Wednesday, the 23rd, we drove to Waynesville for an early day before the Escapees Chapter 29 rally.  After checking in, and getting parked, Steve Masterson came out of his rig and gave us a slip of paper with the name and address of an optional dinner out.  We were joined by Chick and Debbie Thompson for our drive to Bogart’s restaurant.  Everyone enjoyed their meals.  I went for a delicious rib eye, and Marilyn had the salmon.

Thursday, the 24th, the rally started.  Registration was at 3:30, followed by a social hour.  Everyone was supposed to bring a beverage to share, and snacks were provided, dinner was on our own.

Friday breakfast was egg casseroles provided, the officers had a meeting, we had a social hour, and dinner was at the Maggie Valley Inn’s Rendevous Restaurant.  Dinner was served family style, and consisted of fried chicken, fried Bassa fish, salad, green beans, mashed potatoes, and banana pudding.  It was delicious.

Saturday, we had scrambled eggs with biscuits and sausage gravy.  After our 4:30 social hour we had a delicious potluck dinner.

This morning, Sunday, the 27th, we had a continental breakfast.  Marilyn and I left about 11 am to drive 150 miles to Mocksville, NC.  We have a 10 am appointment to have a Magne Shade installed for our windshield.

My time during the day at the rally was occupied by my computer, a Windows 8 Dell.  I had tried over 20 times to download and  install the 890 megabyte Windows 8.1 Update.  I finally had to do the Windows Refresh, which reverted the computer back to the factory installed Windows 8.  After doing 95 updates to Windows 8, I was able to download a new copy of Windows 8.1, which included the update I had been trying to download.  Of course now I had to re-install several items of software.  The only thing I lost was my Microsoft Office Outlook Contacts.  I won’t have to retype everything because Marilyn had most of them.  It will still be a pain.

Type at you later.

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