Wednesday, September 25, 2013


We left River Forks RV Park and Campground Friday morning the 20th, and drove 137 miles to R Shaefer Heard Corps of Engineers Park near West Point, Georgia.  We drove in I-985 to I-85 to I-285 around to the south, to I-85 to West Point Lake.  Marilyn rode the white knuckle route around Atlanta, but it was not that bad.  We are located on Site #2.  The first problem was no electric, but, after going back to the office, the circuit breaker was changed out.  The next problem we are living with.  Internet service is negligible – none to 1x to 3x, and back.  When we return in another week, we will take a site on the other side of the park where, after our morning walks, the internet seems to be better.

I have still had plenty to do on the computer organizing pictures, and identifying people in them   This time spent will help with my continued genealogy work.

This afternoon, I received an email from a good friend wanting help with his Excel files.  He needed to summarize the mileage and costs he was tracking.  These are a fairly easy addition problem.  If you only have a few numbers to add together, the easiest way is a formula that adds the amount in cell #1 to the amount in cell #2,, where cells are referenced by a column letter (a,b,c) and a row number (1,2,3).  Thus a formula in cell can start with an (=) sign in cell (a4) plus cell references.  (ie =a1+a2+a3) resulting in 2+2+2=6.

If the column has a long list of cells to be added, a (Sum) formula if the easiest path.  Filling in the formula is sort of like highlighting a column to copy and paste.  Begin the formula in the cell where you want the result.  The formula looks like this:  =sum(a1:a3).  This will add whatever numbers are in cells 1 through 3 of column as together.  The formula can be expanded to more cells in the range just by inserting rows between rows a1 and a2 as long as the original cell a3 remains the ending cell of the formula.

During our morning walk, on the 23rd, I spotted the svelte figure of a person that I remembered from our early day with Escapees Chapter 16.  So I walked up and asked him if he had been a member of ch 16.  He said yes and we introduced ourselves.  He is Marion Alley, so we spent the next half hour remembering several wonderful rallies that we had attended.  There was one at which he provided his grill trailer.  He gave us each a steak, and said we should take it off the grill when it was done.  At a Chinese Care Auction, they auctioned a bottle of little blue pills that we all tried to end up with.  Oh well, they were actually little blue M&M’s.  We had fun anyway.

Today, the 24th, we went to Wal-Mart and Kroger in Valley, AL, the town just across the Alabama border from West Point, GA.  Thank you, Denny Orr, for teaching us to eat cheaply at McDonald’s with McDoubles, and a senior drink.  The two of us ate for less than $5.  Of course the cheapest meal we had in the last couple of weeks was at Sam’s Club where we had Hot Dogs for less than $3.

Today, the 25th, we drove to Columbus, GA – 44 miles.  We are staying at Lake Pines Campground,  Finally, back to good internet service.  We will have diner tonight with our Son – Doug.  Have to wait until he gets home from work – can’t wait.

Type at you later.

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