Sunday, September 15, 2013


We are still in Bea & Bennit Mason’s side yard. IMG_20130909_095631_783


Wallace & Wanda Lewis came yesterday from Raccoon Valley (Knoxville, TN) to visit Wanda’s cousin Bea, and to go to their family reunion today.  We had a wonderful visit last night with them.  Of course Bea, Wanda and Marilyn spent a lot of time yesterday evening cooking to get ready for the reunion.

Today, the the 15th, the ladies continued cooking all morning, and packing the food to be transported to the reunion.  There were two large picnic tables filled with food for the afternoon meal, and very little left to be taken home.  We thoroughly enjoyed meeting Bea and Wanda’s relatives.  The first two pictures are before the crowd actually arrived.  IMG_20130915_123737_158IMG_20130915_123744_222


Here is Wallace and his sister Elaine. IMG_20130915_123804_858 


Of course there were two lines “dipping” their plates.  No one left hungry.IMG_20130915_125933_863


Bea made some more of her delicious yeast rolls for dinner, plus there were a few leftovers of banana pudding, etc. for us to sample.  Bea even gave us some apple dumplings for more dessert before we go to bed, and rolls for breakfast tomorrow.

Everything was delicious about today, and we thank Bea and Bennit for their hospitality, and for inviting us to their family reunion.

Hugs, and Type at You Later.

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