Thursday, September 5, 2013


Today is our 26th day here at the Allegro Campground in Red Bay, AL.  Tiffin has finished the repairs that we requested plus a few.  The electrical short was fixed on Tuesday, the 3rd, and Billy finished by getting electricity to the outlet by the bed Wednesday morning.  That outlet had worked with the inverter until Colton RV in North Tonawanda, NY screwed up the coach.  Billy checked, and our Phaeton model was built without inverter power to that outlet.  Oh well, we just have to use an extension cord now when we dry camp.  Boy, when things start working here they go fast.  On Wednesday afternoon, we were called in to Bay 31 to have the kitchen faucet tightened, and we were told that no lock washer or nut would fit, so it will probably start wobbling again.  This morning, Thursday, the 5th, we were called to bay 39 to get our jacks adjusted so they would work on the “auto” setting.  When we pulled into the bay, and the technician put down the jacks, the driver’s side rear jack would not go down.  This was the first time that jack had not worked.  So we are the proud owners of a new rear jack.  Who knows how long it will be before the other two will not work.

Yesterday after dinner, Gary and Mary Olson completed their pilgrimage from Lost Wages to Red Bay.  It sure is good to see them again, even if the only reason is because they are having problems with their Allegro Bus.

We will probably stay until Saturday or Sunday, then we can stir the Jell-O some more.

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