Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Since Sunday, we have been enjoying visiting with Bea and Bennitt Mason parked in one of the three full hook-up sites that they have in their side yard in Lyerly, GA.  It is in northwest Georgia, north of Rome.  Bennitt is doing well, and Bea looks great.  Chicken has definitely been on the menu:  Bea made fake fried chicken (baked) Sunday, Marilyn made pineapple/BBQ sauce chicken in the crock pot for Monday, and, for lunch today, we stopped in Fort Payne, AL for KFC’s chicken buffet.

This morning, Bea drove the four of us around to show Marilyn and I the sights in the area.  First up was a church that was witness to a Civil War battle. It was built in 1853, and there are still Sunday services inside today.DSC02728DSC02730


Next we went to the Little River Canyon near Fort Payne, AL.  The falls, river and flowers were beautiful.  DSC02732DSC02735DSC02741DSC02742DSC02746DSC02750


Further along the road with the Little River Canyon pull-offs was this rock formation that the road had to go around.  DSC02754DSC02755DSC02756DSC02758


On the side of the road was this tree trying to grow next to the rock wall.  Notice how it flattened itself against the rock, and then grew round again when it was past the tight spot.  DSC02759DSC02760


Randy Owen, from “Alabama” lives on a large farm in the area, so we took pictures of the gate to his house.  DSC02771DSC02772


After a buffet lunch where we overate, we decided to go back to the house for naps.

Hugs, and type at you later.

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