Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

We  went to Busch Gardens again today, and had a very good time.  On the way, we stopped at the Flying J in San Antonio, FL for gas for the jeep.  Gas on the sign was $3.63 per gallon, and we got it for $3.61 per gallon using our RV Value Card.  Interestingly, we looked at the sign on the way home around 4:45, and regular gas had risen to $3.69 in just a few hours.  Traffic was heavier on the way in today than it has been during any previous Busch visit.

Upon arrival at Busch about 10:15am, we walked to the Stanleyville Theatre to get tickets to see Herman’s Hermits with Peter Noone.  The 11:30am show tickets were already gone, so we got 4 tickets for the 1:00pm show.  We waited a few minutes, and were joined by Stan and Betty Bober (they live in Clearwater, FL).  We had a couple of hours to kill, so we went to lunch at the Zambia Smokehouse, where the food is delicious, and we had other company join us.DSC01677IMG_0371IMG_0372IMG_0373

After lunch, we went back to the Stanleyville Theater, and stood in line until they let us in for the 1:00 show.  Of course, Peter Noone is the only remaining member of Herman’s Hermits, but the group did all of the songs we remember (Mrs Brown You Have A Lovely Daughter, I’m Henry the Eighth I Am, and I’m Into Something Good, and more).  They put on a good, high energy show, and we would like to see them again.The band consisted of two guitars, a drummer, and a keyboard.DSC01684IMG_0379

After the show, we wandered, looking at animals, taking the Rhino Rally ride, and seeing the King Tut’s tomb recreation.  The Rhino Rally ride is in an SUV, and of course, the animals you see on the ride are not up close.IMG_0385

The animals included tigers, hyenas, mearcats, cheetahs, lions, etc.DSC01676DSC01687DSC01688DSC01691IMG_0388IMG_0391

Next week we get to see the Ventures play at the Stanleyville Theater.

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