Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday & Sunday, February 25 & 26, 2012

We had a wonderful visit and dinner last night with Bob & Gwen Lombard at Mimi’s Café in Ocala, FL.  They were our neighbors at Lake Louise Trailer Park in West Point, KY for the last 5 months I was in the Army (after leaving Vietnam, I was assigned to Fort Know, and Bob was there also).  It is amazing how a friendship of a few months can continue even when we lived in different states.  We have kept in touch for a lot of years.

Today was Sunday, the 26th.  I started off e-filing two returns.  One was my own, and I not only have to pay for this year, but I have to pay estimated tax for next year.  About noon, Doug stopped by on his way back to Columbus.  He had driven to Orlando to visit his old roommate, Harley, and especially her son, Gauge.  It was wonderful to see him and visit.  We had to kick him out about 2pm, partially because he still had a long drive back to Columbus, but also because we had a date to go out for dinner with some of our friends.  We went to River Ratz for hamburgers.  They have 1/2 lb. burgers, and if you get the basket, they come with fries to share instead of potato chips, and on Sunday, we had entertainment, and a good group to eat with (Frank & Maureen Halliday, and Larry & Carolyn Jarvis.IMG_0392IMG_0393

While I have been working on tax returns, and editing scanned (old) pictures, the ladies have been making pretty sweatshirt jackets that they modeled during the Sumter Oaks’ ice cream social.IMG_0401

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